The Great Rise

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Because those who’ve been disproportionately punished by cannabis prohibition should disproportionately benefit from its future legalization.


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The Great Rise is here to make Minnesota the social equity model for legalized cannabis in all states.

Other states have legalized cannabis with good intentions for marginalized communities. But good intentions aren’t good enough. The time has come for real, actionable change.

Legalizing Cannabis in Minnesota

Minnesota’s Omnibus Cannabis Bill

The bill aims to:

  • Plegalize recreational cannabis use
  • Pestablish expungement procedures for some cannabis charges
  • Pestablish loan and grant programs for manufacturers, growers, and sellers
  • PReschedule marijuana and THC classifying data

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Who We Are

We’re a coalition born of the idea that a new cannabis economy is the perfect opportunity for a departure from the current system.

We’re community activists, political strategists, marketers, farmers and everyday Minnesotans just like you.

The Coalition

The coalition meets weekly to discuss progress, goals, initiatives, events, and other topics related to cannabis legalization.

Restorative Justice Policy

A subset of the coalition works together with our partner organizations to find ways to restore the livelihood of those affected by cannabis prohibition.

Equitable Economy Policy

A subset of the coalition works together with our partner organizations to help shape the role legal cannabis will play in building an equitable economy.

Expungement Clinics

We work with partners and legal professionals to host expungement clinics for individuals who need help sealing their court records.

Our Mission

Together, we will provide freedom, access and opportunity for marginalized community members to build wealth with the legalization of cannabis in Minnesota.

The Great Rise advocates for BIPOC and rural communities in Minnesota to be given priority for cultivation and dispensary licenses, as well as other supports to ensure fair access and opportunity.